Sailboat rental assistance

The cruise assistance is supposed to help while sailing and it is provided by an instructor or a skipper during a private cruise. The instructor or the skipper embark on board the boat that is used by the customer in order to bring him some support and some technical advice. During the whole service period, the customer remains the decision-making skipper and remains consequently the whole person responsible of all the incidents which may happen during the period.

The customer will have to be able to present his or her insurance certificate that covers the navigation risks (boat and crew) during this period and testifies that the state and equipment of the boat are in accordance with the legislation in force. During the whole service period the instructor or the skipper on board is taken charge of by the customer (food and accommodation) and he is not required to participate in the cashbox on board in any case.

The skipper or the instructor commits himself to be available at all times during the service period and to take part in the collective tasks on board.

Price: 250€ / day